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Scanned original

Wen Jiang was the daughter of the Marquis of Qi, and the wife of Duke Huan of Lu.

Her heart was in disorder regarding her elder brother, Duke Xiang of Qi.

Duke Huan was going to attack Zheng in order to capture Duke Li.

When it was time to go, the Duke intended to travel to Qi together with his wife.

Shen Xu said: "You can not. A woman has her husband's house, a man has his wife's chamber,

to respect the difference is called proper, change this and you will surely lose.

Moreover, unless a wife's parents have died, she should not return to her home."

Duke Huan did not listen, and then went with his wife to Qi.

Wen Jiang committed adultery with Duke Xiang, which made Duke Huan furious. He forbade her to continue, but she did not stop.

Wen Jiang informed Duke Xiang, who treated Duke Huan to wine and got him drunk.

He made Prince Peng Sheng carry the duke onto his horse, to kill him by breaking his ribs. The duke then died in his carriage.

Lu requested Peng Sheng, in order to eliminate the shame of the deed. Qi killed Peng Sheng.

The ode says: "Disorder does not come down from heaven; It is produced by the woman." This applies here.
Note: from James Legge's translation of 瞻卬 (ode 264). More on this ode can be found in the chapter on Mo Xi.



Translation by James Legge (The Chinese Classics: The Ch'un Ts'ew with the Tso Chuen, p. 70)

In his eighteenth year, in spring, in the king's first month, the duke had a meeting with the marquis of Qi, near the Luo, after which the duke and his wife, the lady Jiang, went to Qi.

In summer, in the fourth month, on bingzi, the duke died in Qi; and on dingyou, his coffin arrived from Qi.




In spring the duke, being about to travel, allowed at the same time his wife Jiang to go with him to Qi. Shen Xu said, "The woman has her husband's house; the man has his wife's chamber; and there must be no defilement on either side; then is there what is called propriety. Any change in this matter is sure to lead to ruin." Notwithstanding this remonstrance, the duke had a meeting with the marquis of Qi near the Luo, and then went on with Wan Jiang to Qi, where she had criminal connection with the marquis, her brother. The duke angrily reproached her, and she told the marquis of it.


The marquis feasted the duke, and then, employed Peng Xiang, a half brother of his own, to take him to his lodging in the carriage. The duke died in the carriage, and the people of Lu sent a message to the marquis of Qi, saying , "Our poor lord, in awe of your majesty, did not dare to remain quietly at home, but went to renew the old friendship between your State and our. After the ceremonies had been all completed, he did not come back. We do not fix the crime on any one, but the wicked deed is known among all the princes, and we beg you will take the shame of it away with Peng Xiang." On this, the people of Qi put Peng Xiang to death.


納 (na4)to capture
瀆 (du2)to disrespect
通 (tong1)to commit adultery
抱 (bao4)to carry in the arms
乘 (cheng2)to mount, to ascend
拉 (la1)to break
脅 (xie2)side of body, ribs
除 (chu2)to get rid of, to eliminate