Note that I also have a separate radio page with a list of radio-related projects I've worked on. This page contains some other electronics projects of mine.

Project Year Description
AD19862006 A PIC12F675 program which reads the A/D 2400 times a second and transmits the samples over a serial line.
Light reception2006 A sensitive light (and near-IR) detector, for light communication experiments.
26102006 This is a project to build a computer from scratch, using discrete transistors, diodes and resistors. The design is mostly done and, with minor changes, should be able to function. The wiki page linked to contains schematics and various programs. Note: the site hosting the project is currently unavailable.
Laser PONG!2005 A Pong game for C64 using two stepper motors and a laser diode. Created together with Martin Wendt.
Hexademical frequency coutner 2004 This is the source code to a simple PIC16F84A frequency counter that I built. Contains documentation and building instructions.
BrainFuck computer2003 A small computer with four input switches and eight output LEDs, executing 8192 instructions per second and running a BrainFuck environment. It's about as stupid as it sounds, except that this short description doesn't catch all the design flaws.

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