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I got my amateur radio license (as SM0YSR) in January 2004, and since then I have occasionally active on the shortwave CW bands. My primary interest in amateur radio is building things, some radio-related projects are destribed on this page.

Project Year Description
Trensceiver2006 Probably the simplest transceiver out there, with only three (Swedish: tre) components. The schematic contains a crystal, a resistor and a JFET transistor connected to an earphone. By varying the input voltage, you can use it as a regenerative receiver or a CW transmitter.
Baking soda powered radio2005 A small regenerative receiver powered by baking soda, steel wire and some coins.
Spark gap transmitter2004 I built a simple spark gap transmitter with a small transformer (using a power MOSFET to drive it from a 9V battery) and a Cockroft ladder to generate the spark voltage.
80m direct conversion transceiver 2004 This is my only major radio construction/design project, and not a terribly good one. It works pretty fine, though, and I even got on the cover of the Swedish QTC magazine with it.
My Pixie2 tranceivers2004 The Pixie2 is a very small, simple and cheap low-power CW transceiver for the shortwave bands (mine use 3.58 MHz crystals).