Radio restoration project

Bought for 72 SEK at an online auction. Model unknown, but all identifiable components (tube sockets, capacitors) are Swedish-made except the transformers which are German (Weilo), and the grid leak resistor, a 2Mohm vacuum resistor of unknown brand.

The box apparently contains a coil with variable regenerative coupling, and a band selection switch. The receiver covers about 150 kHz through 1600 kHz in three ranges.

In the second to last image below you can see a prototype with two battery pentodes (1.25V filament, 36V supply). The final picture shows the final version, a one-tube version which is basically the original with the audio amplification chain removed. Unfortunately I do not have enough of these antique triodes to populate a full 3-tube receiver.

Front view

With old 4kohm headphones

Original (to some extent)

Temporary 2-pentode (DL60/5678) receiver

Rebuilt one-tube receiver

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